What We Believe At Breaking Captives Free

We believe in the sole sufficiency of the Bible and the Holy Spirit to address the problems we face in this modern world.   Worldly philosophies and unfruitful endeavors permeate the church.  Counterfeits for truth take a heavy toll on the Body of Christ today.

Breaking Captives Free desires to set captives free through applying Biblical truth.  The world always offers many counterfeits for truth.   Christians many times face a mixture of these counterfeits and biblical truth in their lives.  Breaking Captives Free is a truth ministry that supports true growth and discipleship of believers. 

Our ministry knows that truth growth comes through honest Christian friendships.  We support the entire body of Christ ministering to each other and building each other up in our faith.  We are also strongly against the false concept that only counselors, clergy people, and other professionals are responsible for addressing life’s deepest problems within the Church.  This is a modern concept that is in clear opposition to the teachings of God’s Word.     

Jesus emphasized the importance of biblical truth being applied in believers’ lives.  Jesus knows that his disciples were never a part of this world: they would not be able to thrive as believers without living out biblical truth.  Jesus stated the following about his disciples as he prayed to his Father in heaven:

They are not of the world, just as I am not of the world.  Sanctify them by your truth.   Your word is truth.   John 17:16-17

Jesus Breaks Captives Free from Broken Hearts, Blindness, and Oppression

We believe that Jesus still breaks captives free from sins, heartaches, and life difficulties  Today, many people are still face broken hearts, blindness, and oppression.  Jesus went around healing these people, but also correcting and teaching the truth.  Jesus confronted even the religious people of his day, claiming that many of them were also in bondage.   Jesus said the following about abiding in the truth of his word:

If you abide in my word, you are my disciples indeed.  And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.  John 8:31-32

Many people turn to psychology, mysticism, emotionalism, or other departures from the pure teachings of Jesus to seek freedom in their lives.  Others turn to worldly comforts or other substitutes instead of Jesus.   These alternatives to Jesus always bring some level of bondage into Christian’s lives.   No freedom can be found in teachings contrary to the purity of God’s Word.

Impure elements contrary to the Word of God will never bring the desired freedom most seek.   Impure elements are frequently mixed into Christianity today.   These “mixture” elements can bring serious consequences into a Christian’s life.  Some Christians pattern their entire life around an element that is completely foreign to the word of God.


Do Not Be Conformed to this World, But Be Transformed

When a believer decides that they are “all-in” for Jesus, the Bible instructs exactly what that believer must do:

Be transformed by the renewing of the mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.   Romans 12:2b

Breaking Captives Free strongly encourages believers to be “all-in” for their faith, offering their entire life to the Lord.  From this point, the believers can renew their minds fully and discover God’s perfect will for their lives.   Having our minds fully transformed by biblical truth that can quickly change an otherwise difficult or unfruitful Christian life into a victorious Christian life.

Believers frequently quote the biblical expression that “you are a new creation in Christ.”   Many, however, mistakenly believe that all life transformation occurs at salvation when one first believes in Jesus.  The Bible teaches quite the contrary.  The Bible commands to present our life as a “living sacrifice.”   We must be “all-in” for Jesus to transform our lives!

After believers become “all-in,” they will leave the old, worldly ways of doing things. An “all-in” believer begins to rely on God to provide in every aspect of life.  God quickly transforms everything.   God teaches how to apply truth into all areas of life.  God helps such “all-in” believers grow very quickly by his Holy Spirit, by sending other believers to help, and by changing life circumstances.

Breaking Captives Free desires to assist those who eagerly desire to renew their mind with biblical truth.  This ministry knows that many believers desire greater freedom through Christ – but are unable to get there.   Breaking Captives Free knows that understanding and applying biblical truth is the key to radically transformed Christian lives.

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