Traditional Weekly Christian Discipleship Option

Traditional Discipleship

Traditional Weekly Christian Discipleship Option

The traditional weekly Christian discipleship option can help a suffering Christian learn Biblical truth and get counsel from a fellow believer.  This will allow them to examine life’s struggles, renew their mind, and be transformed. The goal of this discipleship is to help a struggling Christian heal with the goal of living a full Christian life and bearing fruit. This discipleship is for a Christian who feels “stuck” in a rough life that is not getting better.  This is for a Christian who has already sought help and/or counsel from their local church or group of believers.  It is for situations where no one has been able to help. 

This option requires that the attendee is local to the greater Indianapolis area or willing to commute for weekly visits.  If you are not local to the area, it may be a good idea to consider the 1-Week Intensive Discipleship Retreat.

Unfortunately, this is not for someone who is so unstable that they need to be watched by family members.  They should also not be in the condition of needing to check into a stress center. 

We will be teaching how to take action based in God’s truth.  Discipleship is learning God’s truth and applying it to every area of life.


What’s Included in the Traditional Discipleship Option?

The traditional discipleshp would include the following items:

1-Weekly Meeting

This option usually includes meeting once a week.  It usually includes a family style meal and a 2 hour discipleship time.


This is a small Christian ministry offered by John and Natalie Bymaster, and we do not charge for our discipleship ministry.

Schedule of Traditional Weekly Discipleship

Family-style Supper and Fellowship usually Served at 6:30 pm

2 Hour Discipleship Teaching

Includes Life Application to work on during the week