Breaking Captives Free -Offering Christian Discipleship

Breaking Captives Free is a small ministry run by John and Natalie Bymaster.  We lovingly offer intensive Christian discipleship focused on setting people free to serve Christ.   We usually meet with people once a week over dinner.   We also offer intensive, 5-day discipleship retreats for those who live outside the area.

Why Discipleship Instead of Counseling?

We offer discipleship because we have seen many people get “counseling” with little or no results.  Most believers already receive some form of counsel from church, friends, and pastors on a regular basis.  Anyone reading the Word of God receives counsel and instruction also on a daily basis.  Other people go through long “counseling” sessions with either psychotherapists, Christian counselors, or Biblical counselors – sometimes to no avail.

Discipleship is about transforming our entire life through Christ’s teachings.  It is about giving our entire life over to God, being willing to change how we approach every part of it based on God’s Word.   Many times it is about rejecting sin and worldly belief systems.  Other times it is simply about identifying hidden lies we believe.  Life can get much easier and fruitful as a Christian when we stop acting on hidden lies we believe!

Please read the website and contact us if you are someone you know can benefit from our ministry.

Co-Founder of Christian Ministry, Breaking Captives Free

John Bymaster

Natalie Bymaster

“For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” 

~John 3:16