Discipleship: Applying Jesus’ Teachings


Jesus instructed the disciples to teach how to observe all things that he had commanded. Many times believers gladly accept the gospel – but they are never taught how to apply the teachings of Jesus. It is absolutely critical to build a solid Biblical foundation.  We must then, however, boldly apply the teachings we have learned in our lives.  The Biblical way of living must be applied to every aspect of life.

Jesus said that if you “abide in me, you will bear much fruit.” The Holy Spirit is our teacher that will lead us into all truth. As we are led by the Holy Spirit, it is our expected service as Christians to actively disciple and teach believers who come into our lives.   We need to build other believers up to where they are “bearing fruit” through Jesus.  We also need to make sure that we ourselves are fully built up in our faith!

Every person that you lead to the Lord you should seek to fully disciple into Jesus’ call for their lives. Very frequently, the Lord allows you to lead someone to Jesus and then fully disciple the same person – if you are willing to do so.  We many times, however, are simply unwilling to take the time to fully teach the ones we lead to Jesus.  We rely on others – either the church or a more “qualified” believer to teach the new convert over time.  A better approach may be to seek the growth of all Christians around us, especially those we lead to Jesus.


Teaching How to Live the Word of God


Discipleship is MUCH more easy than what people think: to disciple you simply become a believer’s new best friend.  This is true no matter how long ago the person believed in Christ.    If you are close friends with other believer, you can disciple them as they are involved with all the aspects of your own Christian life.   In fact, this is also one of the easiest ways to explain the gospel to those who do not believe.   Seeing faith in Jesus lived out is one of easiest ways to win new believers to Christ.  It is also one of the easiest ways to truly disciple other believers.  Remember, these believers will also be a blessing to you.  Your new-found Christian friends will also many times sharpen you, be a blessing, and draw your heart closer to God. 


Discipleship is not just teaching the word of God in an academic way: it is instead teaching how to live the word of God. The Lord desires us to renew our minds and to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. The Lord wants us to prove what is the “good and acceptable and perfect will of God for our lives.”

We have been “conformed” to this world in so many ways.  Many times we have to let go of desires and concepts that we desperately clanged to in the past before we became Christians.  Discipleship is simply adopting a truthful outlook about our lives. It’s about generating a strong desire to bear fruit through Jesus. It’s also all about adopting a full, truthful, biblical worldview.

Discipleship also ensures that a Christian will understand the continual importance of seeking the Lord in prayer and the study of the word of God. Our life in Christ is designed to have growth throughout our life as we help other Christians grow around us.  As this growth is occurring, the Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth.


It’s All About the Great Commission

Our primary life focus should be the gospel.  If we are always focused on the gospel, we will constantly look to lead others to Jesus.  We will also seek to disciple them into living a full Christian life.  Not only will that allow these new Christian to grow into everything God has for them, but also these new Christians will lead many other to saving faith in Jesus Christ.   Discipleship is all about the Gospel!

Remember that discipleship is not just the cold accumulation of truths and biblical knowledge.  Discipleship is growth that leads to the bearing of “much fruit” as you abide in Jesus.


Disciple Others Just By Being True Christian Friends


You many times can do more than any “counselor” or teacher by just being a true Christian friend.  All you need to do to share God’s truth is to be genuine.  You must humbly and genuinely share your life with other people around you! 

We strongly believe that God can work more powerfully through you just as a true, Christian friend.   We do not believe that you need to arrange yourself as a “counselor,” church leader, or an expert to disciple anybody.   Millions of Christians around the world stand idly by and allow the “experts” of Christianity minister to those in need.  This is not a Biblical concept at all: we are all to minister within and without of the body of Christ.  We are all called to have the mind of Christ and participate in the work he claimed in Luke 4:18.   Just like Jesus, we are all called to participate in preaching the gospel to the poor, healing the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to captives, recovering the sight of the blind, and setting at liberty those who are oppressed. 

Breaking Captives Free strongly proclaims that Jesus is the answer to the life problems we face.  The generations that came before us turned to the Lord and his Word for answers to life’s problems.   God is still faithful to heal, strengthen, and guide those who turn to Him as their source of help in time of need. Breaking Captives Free rejects the many counterfeits the world has to offer.   These counterfeits have taken God’s rightful place in many believers’ lives.   Breaking Captives Free sounds the call to return to God as our source of relief for all of the life problems we face.   It is not a call only to “counselors” and pastors: it is a call to the entire body of Christ. 

We can share this in simplicity with others as we share out Christian lives together.   You can minister to those around you just by loving others and being genuine.  The Holy Spirit will and God’s Word will lead you into all truth.  The Lord has already supplied everything you need.   Just try it!   Invite people into your lives and your home with the sole purpose of being a blessing as the Holy Spirit leads.