My “Healing” Christian Playlist

Recently, I was scrolling through my Spotify account.  I have several custom playlists there.  Most of them are for running or cycling.  However, I do have a short playlist in there that touches my heart when I hear it.  It’s my “healing” playlist.

If you read my book, “From the Cliff to the Cure,” I discuss how I went on a counseling retreat in North Carolina for healing.  I talk about meeting with Sally and how much she ministered to me.  I met with her two times a day for a week.  We met once in the morning and then once later in the afternoon.  Before each session began, she played a Christian song for me.  She asked me to listen and think about the message of the song.  During the week, I found that the songs always foreshadowed what was going to be discussed in the session.  By the end of the week, I had a playlist of the journey that I went through that week. 

Every so often, I go back and listen to my playlist.  It makes me reflect on the battles that I have been through in life.  It makes me realize how the Lord has helped me overcome tough life experiences.  It makes me realize that it is also important to allow others into your life to help.  The Lord can use other people and their giftings as they minister to the body of Christ.   Together as believers, we can much easier overcome any obstacles that stand in our way.    

Do you desire to overcome life’s challenges the right way?  The Bible says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled,” (Matthew 5: 6).  When I went to this retreat, I was so hungry and thirsty for righteousness.  I was humble and open.  The Lord truly filled me that week, satisfying my hunger and thirst.  Since then, I have stumbled many times.  But every time, I go back to Jesus to fill me with His righteousness all over again.  Jesus is the bread of life, the only one that can fill us and sustain us.

Check out my Healing Spotify Playlist!