Christian Discipleship for Depression

Depression is difficult.  One day you can feel normal, but before you know it you have spiraled down a dark, dreary path.  You find yourself feeling like you are stuck in a dark hole with no way out. 

Christian Discipleship can help a depressed Christian spiritually grow and experience a joyful life.  It can equip a Christian to fight off the depressive lies of the enemy.  This will allow them to get back in action and become a fruit-bearing believer.  When you are truly being discipled, you will realize quickly that you have two powerful allies in fighting against depression. These are Truth from God’s Word and Christian Fellowship.

Truth Through God’s Word for Depression

Truth is extremely important for a Christian during depression.  When I have experienced depression, I always had many lies going through my mind.  It was common for me to start thinking one of the lies listed below:

  • I am not good enough at my job, so why even bother going.
  • I am so weak for letting myself get depressed. Everyone is going to judge me.
  • Nothing is going my way. There is no point to do anything.

I have found that during depression it is more important than ever to have God’s Word planted solidly as the source for Truth.  The Word of God has become my anchor for when life becomes a stormy sea.  Through Christian Discipleship, I learned the truth.  I learned what God thinks about me.  I also learned the right way to think even during difficult times during my life.  I learned how to take action to apply truth. 

I have even learned how to apply the truth to everyday, real life.  Learning Biblical truth and then being able to apply it to my every day, real life – this was the true source of my transformation.  Lying in bed depressed no longer takes up large parts of my life.  These times have been replaced with freedom to bear fruit for the Lord.

Christian Discipleship Provides Fellowship for Depression

A Christian going through depression may not feel like “fellowshipping.”  In fact, a depressed Christian probably does not feel like getting out of the house at all.  When I was depressed, I desired to isolate myself from everyone else.  However, Christian fellowship is a powerful tool to help someone struggling with depression.  Christian Discipleship is all about fellowshipping, learning the Christian life and living it out together. 

During Breaking Captives Free Discipleship, we spend time breaking bread and getting to know each other.  As Christians, we want to encourage you and build you up.  The Bible says, “And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works, not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another, and so much the more as you see the Day approaching,” (Hebrews 10: 24-25).

Christian Discipleship is a Powerful Tool in Fighting Depression

Christian Discipleship can be a powerful tool to help Christians suffering from depression.  Proper discipleship can equip you to battle depression in the future.  A discipled Christian may find that future battles against depression can be small and isolated.  They can be combatted against quickly by acting boldly on God’s truth.  Depression does not need to be continuous and life altering!  Instead, we can apply God’s Word boldly to change our life and how we think. This can give us much more freedom.  It also gives us the ability to bear more fruit in Christ.