What Seems Impossible is Possible with God and “Mental Illness”

What Seems Impossible is Possible with God and Mental Illness

Let’s start with my best friend.  One of my best and oldest of friends was labeled in the past as “bipolar” and a couple of other mental illness labels after a breakdown that occurred during college.  Life as he used to know it quickly came to an end.  He dropped out of college and went back to living at his father’s house on the farm.   His dreams seemed to be permanently on hold.   Life seemed to go backward and rarely seemed to progress.  His life stayed this way for over 10 years.  Although things had become “stable” somewhat, it seemed impossible that anything would get better or ever change.

His psychologist and drug cocktail constantly addressed problem after problem that he would face, but things rarely got better.  He continued to have break downs and problems came up from time to time.  He would stay employed for a short time and then lose job after job.  Once again, I cannot stress more that it seemed impossible that any thing would ever change. 

Friends and family would constantly warn me, “Stay away from him – do not encourage him to stop any medications or make big changes!”   I was only trying to encourage him and help him.   You see, though, you will run into this frequently with people that have been labeled with mental illness.  Most people close to him did not want him to change his current circumstances.   The danger of another complete breakdown was constantly on their minds.   It was not that his friends and family were against him in any way.  They also loved him very much.  They only feared that things could get worse instead of having faith and hope that one day God could make things better.

Yet, after years and years, things started to change.  After much prayer and spiritual growth, God continually sent new Christian friends to challenge him.  God used me and other Christian brothers and sisters to encourage him to face many of the lies and limitations that he once believed.   It turned out that my friend was exactly like everybody else.  He could grow and mature as a Christian.  He could obey God’s commandments and bring discipline and truth into his life.  In fact, his life quickly became disciplined and bountiful just like the lives of the Christians who now surrounded him.

God even sent him a wife who would hold him accountable.  I was doubtful at first.  Yet, it was exactly what he needed.  God knew exactly what he needed and God always provided it.  They got married and afterwards things only got better.  His wife and her family also gave him new encouragement.   His friends and family to this day hold him accountable and encourage him.   My friend has now worked the same job for over 5 years.  He is responsible and dependable.  He is involved in his church and community.  He has been happily married and responsible in all ways for over 5 years.  He has also reduced or eliminated the drugs that he desperately held on to reach some form of balance earlier in life.  

What we “term” as mental illness in modern times is an impenetrable road block in many Christians mind.  Yet, God wants to show his power.  He still miraculously heals, changes hearts, and renews minds still today.  The first thing that you have to believe with all your heart is that God CAN do whatever seems impossible.  He can move mountains of sin, thought, behavior, life-patterns, or any other difficulty that people face.   Have faith to encourage those who have been labeled with mental illness.  Teach them to live out truth.   Then, let God be responsible for whatever comes next.   Have faith that God will work.  Let the Holy Spirit work through you as you sincerely love, teach, and guide someone around you who has been labeled with mental illness.

This blog was written by John Bymaster

Co-Founder of Christian Ministry, Breaking Captives Free