Importance of Christian Fellowship

Christian Fellowship or meeting with other believers is an important part of the Christian life.  I have found that it is not only important during easier seasons of life, but especially when times are tough.  Tough times could mean when you are struggling with a sin, depression, anxiety, anger, or even during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Bible tells us not to neglect meeting with one another and this is for good reason.  In my life, Christian fellowship and friendships have produced some powerful results and amazing blessings. 

The most powerful Christian Fellowship that I have been involved in happened outside of church planned events.  My husband, John, and I got together with another couple who attended the same church we were attending.  We planned our fellowship meetings for every other Sunday evening.  Every other Sunday seemed like the right amount of time.  Any more and I think I would have been burned out, but any less would not have been enough.  We alternated on whose house we would meet at each time.  We began the evenings with dinner, and then we migrated into the living room for deeper discussion.

During those evenings we opened up about our sins and struggles.  Everyone was transparent and genuine.  I gained a lot from these meetings, and here are some of the things that I noticed I gained.

The first thing that I gained was accountability.  I was struggling with anger outbursts at that time.  The accountability from my fellow Christians helped me take responsibility for my actions.  Every other week I gave an account of how things were going.  This made me own up to my actions.  You would think that this would lead to performance-based thinking, but it did not.  It is much harder to live in performance-based thinking when your husband is right by your side. 

The second thing I gained was that I got a better understanding of how God desires us to minister to one another.  I could see that everyone sins.  We all struggle with sin from time-to-time.  Even though I was struggling with sin, it didn’t mean that I couldn’t minister to another person in the group.  I observed first hand how one person’s sin affects someone else.  We were all different and had different struggles.  God used everyone to minister to each other in the group.

The third thing that I learned was that prayer is powerful.  Each evening we ended in prayer for one another.  We continued to pray for one another during the weeks.  As we met, we could see God doing amazing things including repentance, renewing of the mind, and transformations.

Christian fellowship is such an important part of the Christian life.  I encourage all Christians to fellowship.  The Lord can do amazing things when you confess your faults to one another.