A Story About the Deception of Psychiatry and Psychology

Satan’s deception is so powerful in the world.  Looking back on my life before I knew the Lord, I was completely deceived.   I was deceived by the very thing that I thought was going to help me:  psychiatry and psychology.

I was skeptical at first, but I was quickly convinced.  I was convinced that psychology and psychiatry could save my life.  In 2005, I was faced with what doctors told me was depression.  My family physician recommended that I see a psychiatrist and a psychologist immediately.  I was in a very vulnerable state at the time, and I just followed my doctor’s orders.  Before I knew it, I was in the system.  My psychiatrist prescribed one psychotropic drug at first.  When this drug did not work, I was given a “cocktail.”  As months passed, my psychiatrist added more and more drugs.  Before I knew it, there were seven drugs in all.

As time passed and the seasons changed, so did my diagnosis.  My diagnosis went from depression to Bipolar Disorder.  Of course, with the new diagnosis my “cocktail” also changed.  The one thing that never changed was that my doctors told me: that I would never fully recover from my “mental illness.”  They told me that I would be on medicine for my entire life.  The medicines were required to “manage the illness.”

I was led to believe that my only hope was in the psychiatry system.  My psychologist, psychiatrist, and my medications were my only hope.  The doctors even  informed me that I could NEVER stop taking my medication.  My medications “would not work again” if I went back on them after stopping.   I was told that these medicines were keeping me alive.

I looked at all of them – my psychiatric advisors and my medicine – as my lifeline, my savior, and my only hope.  In fact, I was so convinced of this that I even became an advocate for Mental Health of America in Indiana. On January 12, 2010 I was the keynote speaker at their annual awards ceremony which was then called “Heros in the Fight.”  Shortly after my speaking engagement, I had a featured blog on another local mental illness advocacy group’s website, called NAMI.  I was the “poster child” of mental illness.

In 2012, I hit rock bottom.  All my hope in psychology and psychiatry had faded.  I found out the Truth, and I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  I began studying the Bible and was discipled in the faith.  The Lord delivered me from the psychotropic drugs, and He began to heal my emotional wounds from the past. Contrary to what my doctors told me, with the help of the Word of God, I have fully recovered.

Now I look back at my advocacy and involvement in the non-profit organizations for mental illness differently.  Today I understand that many of those organizations such as SAMSHA, Mental Health of America, and NAMI are partly funded by the pharmaceutical companies.  The pharmaceutical companies use those organizations to help sell their drugs.  Many of the non-profit organizations use advocates to tell “success” stories.

Are they really “success” stories?  Was my story a success story?  My speech on January 12, 2010 to an audience over 200 people was a success story only to the pharmaceutical industry.  It was a story about how I was completely dependent on their drugs, and how I would be dependent upon their drugs for my entire life.  It was a story about how I would never completely recover from my “mental illness.”    They deceived me and used me.  Don’t let them deceive you.  Psychiatry is anti-Christian in all forms. It takes the place of Christianity, and it is against the teaching of Christianity.  It will keep you in bondage instead of setting you free.

Psychiatry Deception -Image of Natalie Bymaster at mental health awards ceremony.

Photo of Natalie Bymaster after speaking at “Heros in the Fight” Mental Health Awards Ceremony.