The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a Dominionist movement associated with Christianity.  I am going to examine the Gospel message that is preached by the NAR:  Is it the same Gospel that Jesus preached in the Bible?

Biblical Gospel – The True Gospel

The true Biblical Gospel is about how God, through Jesus’ death and resurrection provided a means of salvation from sin.  The Bible tells us that we are saved by God’s grace through faith alone.

NAR Gospel – The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Gospel of the kingdom preached by NAR apostles and prophets says that God, through Jesus’ death and resurrection provided a means of salvation from sin, but they don’t stop there.  They claim that there are two gospels of Christianity, and they claim that the true Biblical Gospel is incomplete.  They teach that there is a more “complete” gospel which is provision for salvation, AND a provision for taking dominion over the earth.

The NAR apostles teach that it is the task of the church to take dominion over the earth.  They preach that God gave dominion to Adam and Eve, but they lost dominion at the Fall.  NAR apostles and prophets teach that God is seeking a people to reclaim the lost dominion of earth.  According to NAR teachings, they believe that Jesus’ death on the cross gave us victory over Satan, which makes it possible to retake dominion of earth.

The NAR is led by self-appointed apostles and prophets.  They believe that there are 7 earthly kingdoms which are Education, Religion, Family, Business, Government/Military, Arts/Entertainment, and Media. The apostles and prophets teach that by taking control over each of these kingdoms that this will allow Jesus to return to earth.  These 7 kingdoms provide the means for the NAR to control the way society thinks. Once the NAR leaders possess control over each of these kingdoms, they believe they can control society.

After the NAR proponents have control over all the peoples of the earth, then Jesus can return.  Essentially, the entire world system must be “Christianized” under NAR authority and teaching before Jesus will be capable of returning to earth.  They claim that this “Christianization” of world society and the taking of authority is the dominant component of the gospel message.

New Apostolic Reformation: Is it the Gospel of the BibleThe True Gospel vs the NAR Gospel of the Kingdom:  What’s the Difference?

The difference between the true gospel and the NAR’s “gospel of the kingdom” is the focus.  The true gospel focuses on an inward heart change that results by faith in Jesus and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  The true gospel focuses on Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection.  The true gospel allows the believer to have a changed life which follows Jesus’ teachings.  The true gospel is spread through the great commission which is the command to make disciples of Jesus’ teaching, preach the gospel throughout the earth, and to baptize new believers.

The “gospel of the kingdom” focuses on an outer, world-system change.  The NAR attempts to take control of the world’s systems to effectuate a “Christianization” that occurs from the outside.  The stimulus for change is society at large. It is perpetuated by the world’s various cultural and other systems.

This NAR gospel of the kingdom is different than Jesus’ proclamation of the kingdom of heaven.  Jesus was proclaiming his kingship, through claiming that the kingdom of God was at hand.  The kingdom of heaven would be set up as the church until Christ’s return.  Upon Jesus’ return to earth, and earthly kingdom of God will be set up through Jesus’ rule as our king. At that point, it will become a literal, earthly kingdom that will last one thousand years and then beyond into eternity.    The Bible speaks of this often using interchangeably the terms “kingdom of heaven” and “kingdom of God” when describing Christ’s rule in his kingdom.

The NAR gospel does follow the biblical model.  Jesus instead says that his “kingdom is not of this world,” (John 18:36).  Jesus says clearly that the kingdom of God is within people’s hearts.  As the true gospel is preached, the kingdom of God grows within the hearts of the people who are reached with the gospel.  These people’s lives are transformed.  They are given eternal life through Jesus.

Society does drastically change when enough people are reached with the true gospel and obey Christ’s teachings.  However, we are instructed to be “in the world, but not of the world,” (John 17:16).  Our primary focus is the true gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our proper focus is on standing for truth, spreading of the gospel, and teaching Jesus’ teachings within the Bible.   No attempt for world domination is instructed by Jesus within the Bible.  As strange as this sounds, this is exactly what the NAR gospel is doing in preparation for Christ’s return.

In contrast, Jesus asked a question to whether he would even find true faith when he returned to earth.  We are told by biblical prophecy that there will be apostasy, a delusion, and lying signs and wonders in the last days.  The focus of Jesus’ return will also be on Jerusalem and the Jewish people.  The Bible teaches the polar opposite of the NAR: we will be persecuted by a wicked world system in the end times before Jesus’ return.   In contrast to the Bible, the NAR falsely teaches that all the world systems will be already Christianized through dominionism before Jesus returns to earth.

Conclusion: The Gospel

The NAR apostles and prophets are correct by saying there are two gospels being preached within Christian circles today, but only one of them is the true gospel of Christianity.  The Gospel in the Bible is about how God, through Jesus’ death and resurrection provided a means of salvation from sin.  God saves us by grace through faith alone, giving us changed heart and eternal life.  The NAR Gospel of the kingdom (that we are to take back dominion of the world in preparation for Jesus’ return) is a false gospel that could lead many people astray.

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