Settling for “Second Best”: Psychiatry and an Unfair World

Romans 12:2God has a “good, and acceptable, and perfect will”  for our lives.   His will for us is to fully embrace all the truth, growth, and healing that He has for our life.  God wants us to be “transformed” for his purposes.   Psychiatry does not have this transformative goal. We live in a fallen world that has “taken it’s toll” on people in so many ways.    Many Christians, however, settle for second best.  These Christians (and sometimes, of course, unbelievers do also) believe that God destined them to live with a “thorn in their side,” usually some dehabilitating spiritual or mental condition. In many cases, however, God actually has much different plans.  In reality, false thinking and beliefs that come from this world have been deeply implanted into the soul of many believers.  Other times people are severely damaged by sin – either their own sin or from others who sinned against them.  These incredibly destructive ways of thinking and of handling life can many times be addressed by renewing your mind and applying truth. Psychiatry only further darkens the situation for many Christians because it does not handle the situation by applying truth or seeking permanent cures or solutions to life’s problems.   Although there are many loving, genuine people involved with Psychiatry, the very nature of Psychiatry is anti-Christian and does not apply the truths and promises of the Bible.   Psychiatry focuses on “getting by” and continuing with your life.   Christianity promises and clearly instructs for life to be completely changed and transformed in every way.